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An intimate portrait experience focused on the raw, real you - emotional baggage & all

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Consider this permission
to be YOU

As we strip away the clothes, the glam makeup, the fancy sets and the extras - you will get closer to who you’ve always been.

With photography as my medium, it would be an honor to be your guide as you take a step closer to getting to know who you are and who you were, before the world told you who you should be.

It is about capturing your truest self and form. These sessions are meant to get you to look at your body and self deeper than ever before. They are about healing, and navigating emotions you’ve had about your body... be it anger... sadness... pain... joy... and love.

There is power in getting truly vulnerable with your body. It's a side of ourselves that is longing for love and I am here to help you see it, find it and treasure it.


Throughout 2022 and on, join me as I create stunning portraits of humans culminating in a celebration with these humans and their stories. I'll be hosting an exhibition with those that want to participate by having some of their images from these sessions showcased at the event.

How are these portrait experiences different from my other portrait experiences?

These sessions are more like Body Acceptance Portrait experiences - therapeutic photo sessions designed to help you see and process the beauty of your natural existence. While I will still suggest poses and give direction, our focus is on listening to what feels right and safe for your body to help you achieve your desired intention. With this work, I take a fine art approach to help you see that your body is a living, breathing work of art and you are the artist.

These experiences also include a lot of coaching work before and after the shoot, including: affirmations, journal prompts, questionnaires designed to get you to become clearer on your expectations for the experience, and music & movement suggestions. This is not just a photoshoot, my friend. Using positive psychology, body image tools, embodiment work, trauma awareness, and of course, photography - we are going to start the process of rewiring your brain & heart to help you get back to your most authentic and glorious self.

What to expect from me...

  • Show the world that beauty doesn’t diminish with age.

  • Highlight your character, wisdom and spirit.

  • Strip down all the fluff and focus solely on you, your thoughts, and your vibe.

  • Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar, every stretch mark, every wrinkle and roll of skin.

Whether you feel invisible, empowered or somewhere in between, know that YOU ARE LOVED & NEEDED & YOUR STORY IS IMPORTANT! 

We intend to disrupt and transform the way we are viewed (or forgotten) by the media and the world at large by putting out beautiful images and real stories of ourselves.

This is YOUR chance to be seen and heard!

Let’s start a REVOLUTION!

How do I capture these intimate shots?

This experience is going to push your comfort zone in the best way possible. Using deep dive questionnaires, you and I will collaborate to create art using your body as the medium and set the overall intention for the shoot. I will take the information you provide me to come up with a general concept or idea to inform your wardrobe, posing, backdrop, lighting, etc. We are going to play, liberate ourselves from the constraints of society and challenge our ideas about what makes a “good” body! This can look like dancing with fabric, exploring the different ways our bodies look when they move, channeling emotions that we’ve been told to suppress, getting a bit dirty in nature, or getting in touch, literally and figuratively, with yourself to build a bridge between your mind and body. With consistent check-ins throughout the session, do not be surprised if I set the camera down for us to chat about your Body Story.

You may have questions...

How do I book a session?
- The first step is to schedule a phone call with me. During this phone call we discuss what to expect during these sessions, and answer any questions you have. If you decide this is something you want to experience, you will pay the session fee and choose your date. If you are opting for a payment plan, the minimum deposit due is $300. The remaining balance will be broken up into monthly payments up to 30 days before your photoshoot. After booking, a Studio Session Contract w/ payment plan terms, pricing guide, and prep guide will be emailed to you with a link to schedule your Pre-Shoot Meeting.

Do I have to be naked?
- Physically - no. Emotionally - a little bit. While you aren’t required to go nude, many of my clients opt to do nude or implied nude images because it allows them to get closer to appreciating themselves wholly and completely - that being said, if you aren’t quite “there” yet, you are more than welcome to bring an underwear set or bodysuit that allows you the freedom to move with your body in a way that feels safe and good. We will discuss wardrobe before your photoshoot where I can suggest a variety of pieces to consider. The main point of these sessions is less fluff more simplicity.

Will you share my images online?
-Not unless you sign a model release at the end of your experience. This experience is 100% for you - if you choose to share your images with the world, then that’s fantastic, but we won’t pressure you into it. 

Can I do this type of photoshoot for my partner?
-The purpose of these sessions is for you and you only - will your partner benefit from the confidence and empowerment you experience? 10000% but ultimately, this is about you seeing YOURSELF and learning the tools to start shifting that relationship. I recommend booking one of my traditional fully styled boudoir and beauty sessions for those who are looking to gift images or artwork to someone.

Do you offer payment plans?
-Of course! I take the total cost + taxes and then we break up the cost over monthly payments leading up to your photoshoot date. Should you choose to add on additional artwork during your Reveal Session, the balance is due in full at that time. However, if you know you are going to purchase additional artwork before the Reveal Session, we can factor that into your Pre-Session Payment Plan. Over 60% of my clients choose to add on more artwork so I send out a full pricing and artwork guide right after you book your session date. 

Are these experiences only for women?
-Nope! These experiences are for anyone who identifies as human and wants to start to embrace and accept their scrumptious body! 


What if I don’t like any of the images?

-I've never had a client not like any of their images but in the event that you should like none of your images, we will have a chat about it. Please know that the images that I show you at your reveal will be what I consider, of my artistic opinion, to be the best images that accomplish the intention we set for your experience and this is one of the reasons why we have a flat rate for our sessions. I am not going to show you shit photos - however, we will talk about what specifically you dislike and give you tools and resources on how to embrace yourself within the images so you can work to accept them over time. While it is rare for clients to dislike ALL of their images, I don’t want to say that it is impossible - because completely undoing body image & mindset in one photoshoot just isn’t realistic. In my experience, people can usually find at least 3-5 images that they embrace during the reveal, and the longer they sit and apply the tools we chat about with their other images, the more likely they are to appreciate them over time.


What is this exhibition you mentioned?

-As I photograph clients, those who wish to share their stories and images with the world will be showcased online through an online art exhibit and on the studio blog and Instagram. Once I have at least 15 clients that want to participate, their favorite images will be printed to various large format sizes and showcased locally throughout Florida and South Georgia during art shows that Southern Charm Creative participates in. 




This includes:
A 1-2 hour photo session at the Palm Coast studio
Consultation and Post-Session Reveal

Access to the Client Closet

Wardrobe styling

Your entire gallery of digital images on crystal USB (40+ images)

8x8 Fine Art Album w/ 20 of your favorite images

Body Image & Mindset guidance via email leading up to, during, and after the session
[complimentary hair & makeup available upon request]

[payment plans are available]

Sessions Are Limited

Currently booking March 2023 and on.
I can't wait to hear your story!

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