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An intimate portrait experience focused on the raw, real you - emotional baggage & all

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Consider this permission
to be YOU

As we strip away the clothes, the glam makeup, the fancy sets and the extras - you will get closer to who you’ve always been.

With photography as my medium, it would be an honor to be your guide as you take a step closer to getting to know who you are and who you were, before the world told you who you should be.

It is about capturing your truest self and form. These sessions are meant to get you to look at your body and self deeper than ever before. They are about healing, and navigating emotions you’ve had about your body... be it anger... sadness... pain... joy... and love.

There is power in getting truly vulnerable with your body. It's a side of ourselves that is longing for love and I am here to help you see it, find it and treasure it.


Throughout 2022 and on, join me as I create stunning portraits of humans culminating in a celebration with these humans and their stories. I'll be hosting an exhibition with those that want to participate by having some of their images from these sessions showcased at the event.

How are these portrait experiences different from my other portrait experiences?

These sessions are more like Body Acceptance Portrait experiences - therapeutic photo sessions designed to help you see and process the beauty of your natural existence. While I will still suggest poses and give direction, our focus is on listening to what feels right and safe for your body to help you achieve your desired intention. With this work, I take a fine art approach to help you see that your body is a living, breathing work of art and you are the artist.

These experiences also include a lot of coaching work before and after the shoot, including: affirmations, journal prompts, questionnaires designed to get you to become clearer on your expectations for the experience, and music & movement suggestions. This is not just a photoshoot, my friend. Using positive psychology, body image tools, embodiment work, trauma awareness, and of course, photography - we are going to start the process of rewiring your brain & heart to help you get back to your most authentic and glorious self.