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A Celebration Of The Diversity, Strength, Beauty, Essence & Wisdom Of Women Over Fifty

Women over fifty are not invisible!
They are powerful, strong, confident & sexy more than ever!

It is time to share the great parts of being “all grown up” and the beauty of change that comes from being more mature. I would love you to join me on this adventure to share your amazing story.

Throughout 2021, I’ll be creating stunning portraits of 50 women over the age of 50 (including those in their 60’s, 70’s 80’s and beyond) culminating in a celebration with these women and their stories. I love to photograph a wide variety of women. A mix of images from women of different countries, backgrounds and upbringing, different lifestyles, views and values. I’ll be hosting a portrait exhibition to share every single image and to tell the story of what it means to be an older woman in today’s world.


  • Show the world that beauty doesn’t diminish with age.

  • Highlight your character, wisdom and spirit.

  • Tell your story about what it means to be an older woman in today’s world.

  • Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar, every line and every grey (or colored!) hair.

Whether you feel invisible, empowered or somewhere in between, know that YOU ARE LOVED & NEEDED & YOUR STORY IS IMPORTANT!

We intend to disrupt and transform the way we are viewed (or forgotten) by the media and the world at large by putting out beautiful images and real stories of ourselves.

This is YOUR chance to be seen and heard!

Let’s start a REVOLUTION!


Going through my old photo albums I noticed I don’t have very few portraits of my mom and grandma, it was a hard reality for me. I celebrated my recent birthday with a personal portrait session and the feeling of celebrating all stages of my life, owning a beautiful portrait which I love looking at, made me realize I love this for every woman.

Every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves!

When I started my portrait photography for the women I saw firsthand how vivacious, awake and captivating my older clients can be. I wanted to create an experience where these women could show how GREAT it can be to surpass the 50-year mark! When you are free from earlier obligations, children leave the home or careers change, you can create what you want your life to be. There are freedoms, passions and such depth of soul that can come at this time, I wanted to provide a platform for them to have a very special experience to show how rich this time of life can be.

It is fun, fulfilling and transformational, this experience will change the way that you look at yourself! I want all of the PHENOMENAL 50+ LADIES to be a part of this practice of self-love, self-care and empowerment! Your beauty is within you…and I want to bring it out. This is an opportunity for connection, transformation & celebration of self. Join me on a fun and incredible adventure!

Too Many Women Over 50 Feel Invisible.

I’m Here To Change It.

Once your payment is received to secure your session date, a separate email will be sent requesting you to sign the Studio Contract. You will also receive our Studio Prep Shoot Guide, an invite to schedule your pre-shoot meeting, and our full Goddess Collection and Product Guide.