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For those who are looking to do a more beauty and fashion styled session on the coast of Florida, this is for you!

These sessions are PERFECT for

...the adventurous

...the creative

...the muses

...the confident

...the playful

and those who aren't afraid to get a little wet (the ocean, that is!)

Who are these sessions not for?

-those who fear the unknown

-those who are looking for our traditional boudoir sessions

-those who loathe sand, the ocean, possibly getting a little damp, and anything remotely close to the beach

-those who fear to let go of their inhibitions and having a little fun for a few hours

Goddess By The Sea
Sessions Include
-Three wardrobe changes
- Professional hair and makeup
-Up to 3-hour beach boudoir shoot with expert posing
-Access to our coveted Goddess By The Sea set that includes festival rhinestones, body glitter, and colored smoke bombs
-Reveal & Ordering session 1-2 weeks after your session
-Your choice of one of these products to showcase your artwork:
   -Glass brass box w/ five 5x7 matted images ($997 value)
   -Two 12x18 LumaChrome HD Acrylic Wall Art ($900 value)
   -One 16x24 LumaChrome HD Acrylic Wall Art ($950 value)
PACKAGE PRICE | $2195 (+ tax)
PRE-SALE PRICE | $1895 (+ tax)
3 equal payments of  $676

By The Sea Upgrade

Goddess By The Sea

Legacy Upgrade

For the goddesses and gods who want it all we offer our Goddess By The Sea  Legacy Upgrade  which includes both items below:
  • 5x7 album with 10 images (normally $2100)
  • All digital files from your Reveal & Ordering Session (normally $1500)
Upgrade Price $1500 + tax (normally $3600 )
Total due at booking w/ Upgrade Package is $3,395 and may be placed on a payment plan.



#1: Our traditional boudoir sessions are built around what YOU desire and to help you celebrate your amazing self right now. We spend a lot of time during those sessions taking utmost care to help you feel your absolute best and forget all of your worries. During our traditional sessions, YOU are the center focus: your needs and desires. They are centered around celebrating your body and/or sexuality during this time of your life.


Our GODDESS BY THE SEA packages are designed as a team effort and the focus is on YOU and FASHION/BEAUTY. This means some of the poses are more editorial styled or even lifestyle and less focused on being super "sexy" and revealing. Every session includes hair and makeup by a licensed professional stylist. These packaged sessions are perfect for the ladies and men that want to add a sense of high-fashion, urban street fashion, or lifestyle images to their life. These go far above your traditional portrait sessions. These are fully styled sessions that go for an overall look/vibe or storyline. These are not "smile at the camera and pose nicely" portrait sessions. They are more closely related to a traditional high-fashion shoot.

#2: Our traditional boudoir sessions are 4-5 hours long and usually our clients bring wardrobe that is synonymous with a boudoir session and the products are purchased separately from the session. With our GODDESS BY THE SEA package, the shoot will be about 4-5 hours total (with hair and makeup taking up to 90 minutes), the wardrobe can vary greatly, and products are included in this package with the option to add-on more products. We do offer select wardrobe and accessories for these types of sessions but we encourage everyone to bring their own wardrobe. We will, of course, discuss this during our planning meeting. 


While I will provide direction for posing and “acting” as I do in my traditional sessions,  the biggest advice I give my creative muses is that if you can get out of your own way and forget the idea that you HAVE TO look “sexy” or “pretty” in every photo, then you will be absolutely fine. These sessions are fun, laid back, and totally about that boho beachy vibe. I coach you through the entire session by showing you how to pose and providing little prompts to get you into that relaxed state of mind.

These sessions are best reserved for early evenings in order to take advantage of that beachy "golden hour" to avoid harsh sunlight and of course sweating to death (cause, Florida). Also, the tides on the coast tend to be a little more gentle in the evening allowing us to get those candid lifestyle shots in the water. Hair and makeup, typically, will start at least 2.5 hours before we plan to make our way down to the beach. This can be between 4-5pm, depending on the time of year. 
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