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Pre-Session Payment Plans

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

After doing some questioning and pondering with countless ladies asking what was one of the top reasons a woman would choose not to book a boudoir shoot and a resounding response was the investment.

I get it. Money is a precious resource and investing in yourself is a scary thought. As women, we often forget about ourselves while caring for everyone else and carrying the world on our shoulders. We won't bat an eye twice when it comes to purchasing nice clothes for our kids every year for 18 years but completely shudder at the thought of spending one day where our inner goddesses have the chance to break free and be captured on film for a lifetime because it's an investment for ourselves not someone else.

We can tell ourselves we're doing it for a gift or for our significant other but let's get's truly for us. They can't feel how you'll feel when you see your gorgeous hair and makeup all done. They can't feel the sheer delight in your soul when you see your untouched raw images on the back of the camera not even 10 clicks in. And they can't feel the way you'll feel when you finally get to see all of your gorgeous final images for the first time in your album or on your bedroom wall...taking in your most spectacular self. A boudoir session with Southern Charm Creative is a luxury experience that every woman deserves to have for herself and the investment should not stand in the way of that.

For that reason, we want your investment to be as stress-free and manageable as possible. In addition to working with PayPal Credit (apply) we also offer interest-free pre-session payment plans as a financing option for your session!

With our pre-session payment plans, you will pick out your desired collection ahead of time and we will break up your investment into either bi-weekly or Monthly installments leading up to your session. On session day, your collection will already be taken care of and you will have one less think to think about :)

If you're ready to discuss your options or secure your session date please follow this link


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