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Leave a Little Sparkle Everywhere You Go

As I showed Ms. T the back of the camera during the shoot she gasped “Oh my god, these look amazing!!" If there was a better thing to say during a boudoir shoot, I don’t know what it would be.

Ms. T was the loveliest little ray of sunshine in the studio for her glitter boudoir photoshoot.

Normally young women around Ms. T’s age are self conscious and unsure of themselves, but not her! I was so impressed by her evolved attitude about self love and being comfortable in your own skin. She totally owned her session!

When we were talking about the “look” that my stylist was going for, she mentioned wanting to make her body look like the starry night. She looks incredible with the hand painted star burst and glitter across her back; it really does remind me of a starry constellation.

Hair, makeup, and glitter art by Kelly Simpson of K Simpson Beauty


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