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Fine Art Lead Times

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Every year women contact me to schedule a boudoir session as a gift for an upcoming holiday or birthday.

Many end up delivering their gift late… Oooops. This post is here to change that so that we can blow their mind on the actual day of your special occasion.

Digital artwork such as slideshows, videos, and images require at least 4 weeks lead time as well.

Final Artwork Photo Shoot Deadlines

The following is the minimum recommended time you should have your session photographed by to receive your final artwork on time.

ALBUMS/HEIRLOOM BOXES: All designer albums require a 4 week production time.

WALL ART: Due to the intricate production nature of LumaChrom HD wall art, there is a 6 week production time for all wall art sizes

So what does this mean exactly? To keep it super simple, I tell clients to start on the day they want to gift the product, and to count backwards on a calendar with these key lead times:

Albums: 4 weeks

Wall art: 6 weeks

Reveal & Ordering sessions: 1-2 weeks AFTER your photo shoot

Cushion time: 1 week cushion time between the time the product is due to be received and the day you plan to gift your product.

So for example, if you wanted to gift your wall art on December 25th, you would want to count back one week to give yourself that cushion time (Dec 18 this year- this would be the day you should receive your wall art), then count back 6 weeks for the wall art production time (Nov 6- this would technically be your Reveal & Ordering session date and pay in full date), then count back 2 weeks to figure out the date you should hold your session which would be October 23rd in this example.

If you're paying attention, you'll also note here that this doesn't take into account scheduling your initial consultation. It also doesn't take into account any pre-session prep you might want to do before your photo shoot such as hair cuts, mani/pedis, wardrobe purchases.

Lastly, if you plan to opt for an in-house payment plan you need to calculate those terms into your timing as well. All orders are placed after the balance is paid in full. So if you know you need to allow at least 2 months to pay off your purchase, you'll want to schedule that shoot two months prior to October 23rd (in the above example).

Clearly, a boudoir experience is an investment both in time and finances. A little planning can go a long way in making the entire experience unforgettable from start to finish.

For those reading this that want beautiful images of themselves, like I present in my portfolio, I invite you join me for an initial consultation. This consultation is specifically so we can help you properly prepare for your session, and thus, get the most amazing images possible from your session.

This initial consultation is when most of my clients find out just how much planning is involved to make their photo shoots exceptional. Many of my clients later tell me they got a lot of really good tips and ideas from this consultation. The vast majority of my clients also show up very well prepared and set themselves up for better boudoir photos as a result.


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