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Creating your own affirmation for self-care

Self-care involves having a set of personal practices or rituals that helps you keep your well-being in check as an individual. Your well-being includes your spiritual, physical, mental, and social health.

Self-care has several benefits which include; reducing stress and anxiety, improving your mood, minimizing anger and frustrations, increasing happiness, helping you in rediscovering yourself, and eliminating depression.

Words of affirmation are short spoken or written phrases and mantras that compliment, motivate, empower and validate you. They help you overcome thoughts that are negative and self-sabotaging. Self-care affirmations help in creating and stimulating a positive mind frame, creating your reality and the energy you project to the universe.

Words of affirmation are one of the practices that enhance self-care since its one of the five love languages. Affirmations can be said anywhere and as many times as you want to.

According to a study done in 2014, consistently doing your self-care affirmations increases your wellness, educational, and relationship outcomes for months or years.

Also, the study found out self-care affirmations increase your self-worth since you regain your confidence over time after doing the affirmations.

How to come up with words of affirmation for self-care
  • Keep a journal for your self-care affirmations: Having a journaling routine where you pen down your affirmations makes it easier for you to re-read and thus easier to practice. Also, writing your self-care affirmations makes it easier for you to re-wire your monologue through repetition.

  • Have a set of goals in mind and how you will achieve them: Having self-care goals when writing your affirmations keeps you in check, giving you the feeling of self-belief and the energy to achieve your goals.

  • Write your self-care affirmations in the present tense so that you can accomplish your goals even if its in the future. Writing your self-care goals in the present exudes confidence.

  • Consider the types of self-care you want to concentrate on when coming up with your affirmations. Could be mental health, physical, etc. Being specific ensures that you focus on what you want to achieve with little or no distractions.

  • Be positive since negative self-talk affects self-care. Identify and weed out the negative thoughts by coming up with an affirmation that’s the opposite of the negative thought.

  • Feel it as you say it: Self-care affirmations are only effective if you say them with feelings since they will have emotional weight.

Examples of words of affirmation for self-care

Here are some self-care mantras and affirmations to use to help you offset your self-care and stay positive.

  • I am beautiful.

  • I am successful.

  • I am smart.

  • I am confident.

  • I am comfortable in my skin.

  • I take care of myself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

  • I put effort into caring for myself as I care for others.

  • I look forward to self-care.

Taking it a step further

You can even take your self-care affirmation journey a step further by ordering your own custom affirmation cards. There are print labs out there that will print custom cards. You can either order regular poker-style cards or tarot-style cards. From there you can customize the front and/or back of them with your affirmations.

Studio Tip: We offer custom printed affirmation and poker deck cards for clients who book our one of our top two Goddess Collections. You get your badass image from your shoot on one side and self-love or self care affirmation on the other side. These make for the best gift to yourself that helps keep that confidence level boosted.

Final Thought

Incorporating words of affirmation in your self-care routine is important. However, when coming up with the words of affirmation be sure to write them down, have goals in mind, write your affirmations in the present tense, be specific and reasonable, have a positive attitude and feel the affirmations as you say them.

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