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Where is your favorite place to have a photograph taken?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The backdrop or scene of your photos can change the mood that your photo brings. Some people want playful, while others prefer intimate. You might want to set a sultry mood or a powerful mood or an empowered mood.

When we book our session, we’ll talk about the type of scene and backdrop you want. This is important because many of my clients come in with no idea how they want their final art work displayed. Do you want wall art, albums, or a display box with loose images? Do you want your images to have a more light and airy vibe or a dark and moody vibe? All of this is discussed in order to help create artwork with intention not just throwing on some makeup and cute clothes in hopes of grabbing a few great shots. At Southern Charm Creative, we focus on the end result from the start of the experience and find that clients walk away truly excited and proud of what they've accomplished.

This is YOUR shoot! If you have a favorite blanket that you’d like to bring… let’s talk about how to incorporate it into your set design! We can look at different options in my studio, or talk about whether it’s possible to shoot in your home.

Consider the mood you want to set and whether a blank canvas will help you achieve that better than a more personal area.

The set of your boudoir session is important - so let’s talk about how to make it personal to you.


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