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Mentors, Educators, and Professional Resources I Use In My Photography Business

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptional photography educators and mentors in my business, catering to artists who share a keen interest in boudoir, erotica, fine art photography, editing/retouching workflows, body image, success mindset, and the business side of owning a studio as a creative artist.

These mentors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields, guiding and inspiring me to develop my skills and expand my horizons. Their expertise extends beyond technical aspects, delving into the intricate nuances of capturing intimate and provocative moments, empowering subjects, and creating captivating visual narratives. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today in my own journey.

Additionally, they provide invaluable insights into post-processing techniques, emphasizing the importance of maintaining authenticity while enhancing images. Some of these educators also recognize the significance of fostering a healthy body image and nurturing a successful positive mindset, and encouraging photographers to create a safe and inclusive environment for their clients.

Furthermore, they equip aspiring studio owners with the practical knowledge and strategies required to navigate the business landscape successfully, enabling them to thrive as creative artists in the industry. Through the guidance of these remarkable mentors, I have not only honed my craft but also gained a profound understanding of the artistry, empowerment, and business acumen essential for photographers passionate about these specialized genres.

Many of these educators also offer mentoring services, workshops, online courses and guides, and workflows. I have provided links to their websites and the specific resources I have used. It's important to keep in mind, you don't have to use all of the tools and resources out there at the same time. You can choose a resource or educator that aligns with you, and really dive into their content, and implement what you have learned or just add the knowledge to your tool box of tricks and use it when you need to. Not any one specific educator or resource is going to be perfect for everyone's business - choose the content that aligns with your business goals and aspirations.

*I do not earn any money or credit by sharing these links and in turn do not have access to any discount codes. I also do not have control over the pricing of any services or products the respective educators offer. Some of them offer payment plans through services like Paypal Credit, Affirm, Klarna, and AfterPay. Their specific websites will detail that information if they offer it.

- Kelli Marie - Boudoir photographer, educator, mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Full studio contract bundle

-Full client CRM automation -Referral and loyalty program -Pre-session payment plan guide

-Upselling and in person sales course

- Profitable mini & specialty sessions

-Be a boss + contract/employee contract bundle

-Bonus set posing guide -Email marketing templates and workflow emails - Mentoring services 1:1 -In person workshops - Small group coaching

- Marissa Boucher - Boudoir/beauty photographer, videographer, educator, mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Marissa's World - various monthly portrait business videos and content packs

-Catapult System - Online full service a-z boudoir workshop and corresponding workbook with 12 different missions -Various e-books - posing guide, workshop in a book, marketing vault

-Sue Bryce Education- Renowned portrait & fine art photographer, educator, mentor, motivational speaker - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Full service portrait education system with membership, weekly live/virtual events, and resource hub

- Posing, lighting, styling, retouching, marketing, photoshoots, business, sales, self value

-Kara Marie Studios- Renowned portrait & fine art photographer, educator, and mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Denise Birdsong- Portrait photographer, educator, and mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

-The Art of Emotion - capturing emotive images

-Teri Hofford- Portrait photographer, educator, mentor, and body image educator - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Healing through story - a writing workshop for all creatives

-Body Image Bootcamp - multi day workshop

-Michael Sasser- Boudoir and beauty photographer and educator - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Tracy Lynn Coaching- Portrait photographer, educator, and mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

- Alex Loveland- Boudoir photographer, educator, mentor - Main site

- Resources offered:

-Pricing guide

-Consult call and script -Facebook group guide

-Profitable model call guide -Flow posing guides

-Black Friday guide

- Marketing guide for profitable photographers

-Efficient retouching & same day sales course

-Content packs for marketing

-Alaynna Mar- Portrait photographer, educator, and mentor - Main site - houses links to individual themed sessions and set tutorials, private online group, and free tutorials

- Resources offered:

-Uncensored Community- In-depth boudoir, creative beauty and fine art sets and themed session tutorials

-Nudescapes course - shooting and editing fine art nudescapes

- RGB Room tutorial- themed session, set design and editing course for RGB light sets

Resources I use in my business

-Publer- Automate social posting, house your media library, AI integrated

-ChatGPT- AI writer for various business and personal applications

-Canva (pro version) - Giant library of social media, digital, print, and video templates and content - integrates with Publer too!

-Mailchimp - newsletter marketing software

-Sprout Studio - Full studio CRM with email marketing, automatic session workflows, customizable pricing guides, galleries, online sales, online booking, client contracts, payment plan set up, payment processing, online client portal, and scheduling software.

-Wix - website templates and site hosting, private members only area for your own private 'facebook group'

-Interact - Quiz website that lets you collect emails for marketing using quiz formats, can embed on your website

-UpViral- Giveaway website that helps make your giveaways generate more entries organically than just posting on your socials, and offers the ability to automatically draw your winners, and send follow up emails to entries.

- Google Forms- Simple forms that can be embedded on your website

-Acuity Scheduling - Scheduling software that you can use for session or group/event scheduling, sell packages, gift certificates, customize intake forms at booking, collect deposits, and retainers, send reminder emails and texts, integrates with Zoom for online consults, or reveal sessions

-CapCut- Social media and video content templates, helps identify trending templates, and music, integrates with most social platforms

-Adobe suite- Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro, Acrobat, Audition, and Express

-Small bluetooth lapel mics - for interviews and voiceover work

-Youtube- Marketing and behind the scenes videos

-Dropbox- File delivery for photos and videos

-Zoom- Online consultations and reveal and ordering sessions

- Luxe Lens- LR and PS action sets, and presets ( I use Luxe Lens On the Farm LR Presets)

Summeranna- Photo editing, shooting, and photo manipulation education resource hub with membership, and online workshops - (I use Summeranna's Base, Skin, and various overlay and light leak Photoshop action sets)


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