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What's Your


introducing: Wet Sessions

Why is the idea of a Shower Scene so damn steamy!?
Maybe it's the fantasy you've seen in Hollywood movies... (Fifty Shades anyone?)
Maybe it's the sense of power you feel when you can strip it down, without judgement and come clean to a more powerful version of you. 
This is your chance to step into something a little different, and see an entirely different side of yourself - sensual and in control.
Whether you've had a Fierce Goddess Awakening Experience, or you want to dip your toe in and try something new - this is your chance to embrace your sexy.

Limited Edition Wet Sessions

We have reserved 8 exclusive spots for these special sessions

What people are saying about our sessions:

All the Steamy Details

The Limited Edition Shower Series is your exclusive chance to experience this brand new set in a bite-sized format.


For $500, you will receive:

  • Pre-shoot meeting to help plan your session

  • Professional Hair and Makeup ($200 value)

  • 45 minute photoshoot with expert posing and coaching

  • Access to our Wet Set

  • Up to 2 wardrobe changes

  • Reveal & Ordering Session 1-3 weeks after your shoot 

  • Two fully retouched digital images

  • $500 off your selected artwork


Pre-purchase your artwork up to 14 days before your session to take advantage of our pre-session payment plans. Post-session payment plans not offered so please plan accordingly.

Once your payment is received to secure your session date, a separate email will be sent requesting you to sign the Studio Contract. Pre-session prep emails, guides, and full artwork pricing is sent directly after booking.

You might be wondering...

Do I have to get naked? 
Nope! You can wear lingerie, a bathing suit, a t-shirt, or nothing at all! Totally up to you. 

What is the minimum investment on artwork/images?
Our minimum investment is $500 on artwork/images before discounts and taxes are applied. Goddess Collections start at $2200 and include a collection of our most popular artwork for one bundled price. Complete pricing is sent directly after booking. Our smallest a la carte product ($500) consists of a 5x7 acrylic image block. Albums start at $1500 and consist of 8 images in a 6x6 fine art album. Digital image collections start at $2200. All clients are required to choose their artwork or opt for the minimum investment ($500) within 2 weeks of booking their photoshoot to avoid session cancellations.  Artwork balance is due in full 30 days before the photoshoot.

Are there payment plans available? 
Yes! You can opt to pay the $500 session retainer in full or pay 50% at booking with the remaining 50% due 2 weeks later. We offer pre-session payment plans on artwork/digital image collections up to 18 months before your photoshoot. We do not offer post-session payment plans so please plan accordingly. All clients are required to choose their artwork collection within 14 days of booking their shoot. We offer one Reveal and Ordering Session per client. All unpurchased images are deleted immediately after the Reveal Session.

Can I do multiple sets and/or outfits? 
The Limited Edition Shower Series is limited to our Wet Set and regular studio, with no extra Bonus Sets included. Only two outfit changes are included with this session type. If you'd like to have more wardrobe or exclusive set changes, we highly recommend booking one of our traditional boudoir sessions. 


Can I book with a friend to split the cost? 
Unfortunately, no we cannot allow session fees/products to be split. Our costs to produce and create these looks are based on per person. However, you are welcome to invite your BFF to book a session for the same day as your session. We allow up to 2 shoots per day for these types of Limited Edition sessions. Make it a BFF day!

What comes next!? 
Once we receive your payment, we'll send you all the day-of details and studio paperwork to finalize your reservation!!

Will you show these images publicly? 
That is entirely up to you. During the Reveal and Ordering session, we will discuss a Model Release form that allows us to post your images online. However, you are welcome to keep these images completely private.


When will I see my images?
We will meet back up 1-3 weeks after your photoshoot either in person or over Zoom to see all of your best images from your session. You choose only the ones you love for your artwork. All unpurchased images are deleted after the Reveal Session. We do not offer 2nd, 3rd, etc Reveal Sessions and we do not send online galleries of unpurchased images. 

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