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Are you ready???

From our past studio promo videos

Imagine Yourself: being pampered… having your hair and makeup done… awakening your inner goddess… being posed all the way down to your fingertips… dancing across the room with total abandon…

There's a reason you are on this page, you want to do this...'ve thought about it for a whileyet you've held back...

BUT there's never been a better time than nowbecause we've never had a photoshoot deal this good!


Feeling completely comfortable in your own skin just as you are right now is entirely possible.

Creating a work of art, a powerful image, that helps you get back into that headspace every time you look at it is our goal here.

If you've tried taking a jaw-dropping image of yourself in the past and it left you feeling a little lackluster, that was just because you were in the hands of an inexperienced photographer or trying to selfie & epically me, I've been there.

It's okay if booking this scares you a little, most of our clients are nervous.

But thousands of former ecstatic clients prove that you just need to take a leap of faith.

We believe in your beauty. And we believe in our expertise and our magic.
Take a look at some of our recent sessions below!


All of our packages included hair and makeup. How often in life do we get a chance to totally glam up like all those celebs in magazines!? Probably rarely. This is a part of the relaxing and fun experience. PLUS, it will give you a chance to ease your nerves. Whether you want a natural look or a bombshell look, our artists are the best in the industry and you are in good hands.  



While we always suggest bringing a few things you love, don't worry, we have super cute items from one-pieces to jean jackets and everything in between in our Client Closet. We will discuss wardrobe ideas during your Pre-Shoot Fitting and send every client a pre-shoot wardrobe guide. During the Pre-Shoot Fitting you can also choose to purchase select pieces from our Client Closet to keep! And don't worry, we will answer any and all questions you have regarding wardrobe and where to find pieces that make you feel fierce and sultry.



No need to worry about how to pose or what fluid movements to do cause we've got all of that covered for you! We will coach you throughout the entire session showing you how to do the poses and movements to get those epic shots. Once we show you the pose, we will coach you into the pose and start snapping all of those amazing shots.

BTS 04.jpg


Every session includes a private cinematic reveal and ordering session back at our Palm Coast location or an online Zoom reveal session 1-3 weeks after your shoot where you will pick out only the images you absolutely love for your artwork. From there we will create the final artwork collection for production with any upgrades or add-ons you want to include. 

album 02.JPG


Show Only Special

A boudoir session is going to be the easiest decision you make for yourself this season!

Yes, its super scary to decide to do something BIG, like a boudoir session, for yourself....but it's completely freeing.

You spend your days (and nights) taking care of everyone else. You sacrifice your own happiness, self-care, hot showers, for your family, don’t you. Yes? Its YOUR turn… and its so overdue!

The team is so excited to meet you, shoot with you, and help you realize the beauty that has always existed inside and outside of you.

For today only we are slashing the session fee to only $99 (normally $500), and extending a $300 credit on all artwork and images. Plus you can take up to 30 days to decide when you want to book your session. Session dates are valid for available 2023-2024 session dates.

Today (until we sell out!)  you can book your photoshoot for 

$99 Session Voucher &
$300 off yo
ur artwork

What's Included In The Experience... 

-Pre-shoot meeting to go over your hair/makeup, wardrobe, the vibe of your images
-All of my pre-shoot prep guides, and self-love guides for keeping the confidence high post-session

-Professional hair and makeup with false lashes (you keep them!) ($250 value)
-Professional photoshoot with expert posing guidance ($500 value)

- Access to our client closet and accessories with optional pre-shoot fitting

- Access to up to 5 bonus sets to customize your session vibe/look
-Private Cinematic Reveal and Ordering Session 1-3 weeks after your session
- $300 Print Credit towards your artwork and images.

You might be wondering....

Q. Is the $99 session voucher refundable?

A. No. The $99 session voucher is not refundable. The session voucher expires after 30 days if you do not call to redeem the voucher for a 2023-2024 session date. This is not a gift certificate. Once you purchase the $99 session voucher, you will have up to 30 days to book your session using the link in your confirmation email after purchasing the voucher. Dates are valid for 2023 through November 2024 only. 

During the booking process, you will see how our sessions work, what to expect on the day of your session, the available artwork we offer, sign the studio contract, and set up your pre-session payment plan.
If you fail to redeem the voucher within 30 days of purchase, the $99 fee will not be refunded. 


Q. Do I have to pre-purchase my artwork? 

A. Yes - we require all clients to choose their artwork collection within 2 weeks (14 days) of scheduling their photoshoot. You may either: pay in full, or set up a Pre-Session Payment Plan up to 15 months before your photoshoot. Our minimum investment is $1200 before discounts/taxes are applied - Goddess Collections start at $2200. We also offer digital-only  packages that start at $2500. 

Q. What are these "bonus sets" you speak of?

A. We have two bonus set tiers; Premium and Elite. These specialized sets allow us to really customize your session for a truly unique experience. 

Q. Do you ever offer weekend session times?

A. Starting January 2023, only the Venus Collection and Goddess By The Sea Package includes weekend session availability. We shoot Monday-Thursday for all other sessions. Reveal Sessions (when you see your images) are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays. 

Q. What dates does this offer apply to?

All available 2023 dates through November 2024.  We schedule 5 sessions per month. We often book out at least 9 months in advance so please plan accordingly. Once a month is fully booked, a waitlist for that month will be started. Only those on the waitlist will be contacted when we have last-minute cancellations and reschedules. We highly encourage anyone looking to gift images to someone to schedule their session at least 8-10 weeks before you need products in hand. October 15th is the latest you want to schedule a shoot if you plan to have photos/artwork in hand for the end of year holiday season.

Q. Does the $99 voucher cover any images or prints?

No. The voucher covers your photo session date, professional hair/makeup, and Image Reveal Session only.
When you redeem your voucher to book your session date, you will choose which  artwork you want and if you plan to pay the balance all at once or will need a payment plan set up.  We require all clients to have this done within 14 days of booking their session. All balances are due at least 30 days before your photo session. 
We do NOT offer post-session payment plans so any additional artwork or album upgrades ordered during the Reveal Session are due in full at that time. Please plan accordingly.

Our Goddess Collections include a select number of images, your album or folio box, your wall art, and your corresponding digitals. Our Goddess Collections also include a select number of our Exclusive Bonus Sets, a select number of wardrobe changes, a print credit, and more

Q. Do you offer digital-only products?

Yes. Digital-only collections start at $2500. However, your artwork includes your corresponding digital copy, and some of our Goddess Collections include the entire Reveal Session gallery.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Although we do not offer any post-session payment plans, we do offer pre-session payments plans. Pre-Session Payment Plans are offered up to 15 months before your photoshoot. We require all clients to have their Pre-Session Payment Plan set up at within 14 days of selecting your session date. Full pricing is sent at booking.

Q. Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not. I shoot up to each client's comfort level. We discuss this with each client before and during the photoshoot. Since not all clients want to strip down to their birthday suite, but still want to feel sultry or sexy, I shoot various styles of nudity including implied nude, topless, and full nudity and will coach the client through posing. At the end of the day, my goal is to create an environment where my clients can feel safe, beautiful, and validated in a nonjudgemental space. Most of my clients will arrive wanting maybe only some implied shots and after the 2nd wardrobe change, they're ready to hop into the shot in their birthday suit. 

Ready to do this?



Sound like a dream?!
Step 1 - Purchase your $99 session voucher
Step 2 - Schedule your photoshoot (take up to 30 days to decide)
Step 3 - Choose your desired artwork collection & enjoy $300 off (pay all at once or set up a payment plan)

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