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Nudescapes Boudie Call

Showcasing the female human form in shadows and light.

Thank you for stopping by!!

We are working on a project all about nudescapes and bodyscapes and need female bodies to help us bring this showcase to fruition!
The ultimate goal is to showcase a few epic shots in an exhibit for all to admire.

What To Expect 

In order to get the most out of our time together, this will be a sequential styled shoot.
We start every shoot with professional hair and makeup. For this project, the hair and makeup will be more on the natural/nude side.  We can also use festival rhinestones to cover your nipples for an extra pop of glam!

Once we're done with hair and makeup, we jump right into shooting. If you've never done a boudoir shoot, that's ok! I show you how to do every single pose. For this project, we will shoot two lingerie outfits before shooting the nudescapes. We will discuss wardrobe during your Pre-Shoot Meeting so don't worry about any of that. This allows us to get more than one look for this project and not focus on just bodyscapes. For clients that choose to pre-purchase one of our Goddess Collections, you'll unlock additional wardrobe changes for your shoot. 

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After your shoot we are done! That afternoon I will begin editing all of your best images and prepare for your Reveal & Ordering Session about 1-2 weeks after your shoot. I usually have a sneak peek sent out within 24-48 hours too!
Take a look at Miranda's first boudoir shoot with us!

What Your Receive 

  • Pre-shoot meeting to discuss your shoot

  • Pre-shoot wardrobe fitting (optional)

  • Up to 2 wardrobe changes

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Professional boudoir shoot with expert coaching

  • After shoot on-camera interview of your experience

  • Professional retouching of all images

  • Reveal & Ordering Session 1-2 weeks later

  • Discounts on artwork & images purchased

How Much Does It Cost?

$200 + tax

Due to the limited availability we have for this project, there is an application process. We do not have any specific body types - just be comfortable with nudity as this project is all about nudescapes. We review all applications within 48 hours and will let you know if you are chosen. The retainer is due at booking. The $200 retainer will be applied to any artwork or images you purchase.


This Can Be You!

We, as women, all want the same thing: to look and feel like a million bucks, and I have to ask you, when was the last time you held a photo of yourself you absolutely loved?


Everyone who hires me leaves  with a huge confidence boost that doesn't just vanish the next day or in a couple of weeks, because you will be able to pull your photos out whenever you want to see what a sexy bitch you are.


Our Exclusive Bonus Sets

We offer several exclusive themed Bonus Sets to our clients who choose to pre-purchase their Goddess Collection at least 30 days before their session. These exclusive bonus sets allow us to create a fully customized dream boudoir session that is uniquely YOU.
We have worked tirelessly brainstorming sets, themes, and wardrobes that will help your artwork truly stand out from the rest. After all, most clients book our Goddess Collections BECAUSE they want those coveted blacklights and bodypaint shots or those gorgeous mermaid vibe Festival Rhinestones and Smoke Bombs on the beach sets, or our sultry Honey Birdette BDSM set.
Some of our most popular Bonus Sets are listed below.

Elite Bonuses
Festival Rhinestone & Body Glitter Set
Future Couple's Boudoir Session
Smoke Bombs & Outdoor Set
Honey Birdette Bondage Set
Blacklight & Bodypaint Set
Heavenly Clouds Set
Artificial Shower Set
Neon Lights Set

420 Canna Set

Premium Bonuses
In The Sheets Implied Nude Set
Whipped Cream & Cherries Set

Tiaras & Champagne Set
Wet Tank Top Set
Sultry Fishnets Set
Body Chains Set

Masquerade Set

Sweet Like Honey Set