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Imagine Yourself: being pampered… having your hair and makeup done… being celebrated… being posed all the way down to your fingertips… seeing yourself in a new light…

No Clothes December  is going to be the hardest decision you make for yourself this season.

Yes, its super scary to decide to do something BIG, like a boudoir session, for yourself.

You spend your days (and nights) taking care of everyone else. You sacrifice your own happiness, self care, hot showers, for your family don’t you. Yes? Its YOUR turn… and its so overdue!

The team is so excited to meet you, shoot with you, and help you realize the beauty that has always existed inside and outside of you.


Q. Do you ever offer weekend boudoir session times?

A. Typically my weekends are reserved for engagement sessions, editing, and family time. I do offer boudoir parties for groups of 3-5 ladies on available Saturdays. If you are interested in more information on that please e-mail me directly:

Q. What dates does this offer apply to?

All available dates in December 2019 through December 2020. 

Q. Is the Boudoir Session Fee refundable?

A. Unfortunately, no. But if you have something come up where you know you will need to reschedule within 7 days of your session you are allowed one reschedule of appointment.

Q. Does the Boudoir Session Fee cover any images or prints?

No. You will have the opportunity to view and select the images you love the most at the viewing and ordering session directly after your shoot. Your Boudoir Session Fee does include a $100 package credit towards package you may order. Collections start at $997 and wall art starts at $350. The average investment is $2,500.

Q. Do you offer digital only products?

No. As a professional photographer and artist, I do not offer digital only products. It is my personal belief that art is meant to be cherished, appreciated, and admired in person. Plus, there is no guarantee that digital images will last forever if the given technology becomes obsolete. Further, I have left the printing to the professionals. I have partnered with nationally recognized professional print labs offering the highest quality archival photo paper and well built albums, keepsake boxes, and acrylic museum quality wall art. However, each image purchased will include the high resolution digital image as well. 


That's right! When you book your session today you pay only $150. What's included?


Pre-Session Planner

Sign up for our Complimentary Dream Shoot Planner that has all the important information inside about What to Wear, What to Expect, Collections, Pricing and more...

Same Day Viewing & Ordering!

You heard right! No waiting around for weeks to see your photos! While you are dressing and packing up, Lisa will soft edit and select the best photos for you to choose from!

Professional Hair & Makeup

A complete makeover with our Dream Team stylists. To pamper you and get you camera ready for your big shoot!

Sound like a dream?

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