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Creative Collaboration Sessions

Creative collab sessions are designed for you to give complete control over to Lisa and her team to create a totally killer magazine-worthy look for YOU.  These sessions can range from a minimalist studio beauty session to an over the top session complete with non-traditional styling, make-up and posing and sometimes the images may dive into the realm of “unflattering” (but incredibly interesting!)  Creative collab sessions are designed to push both the client and Lisa into the artistic as opposed to the traditional beauty/boudoir and would be more akin to what you would see in the high-end fashion magazines. These sessions are custom-tailored to each client based on the vibe of the images they want to exude, the wardrobe styling we create together, and the locations we shoot at.


These sessions are PERFECT for

...the adventurous

...the creative

...the muses

...the confident

...the playful

and those who aren’t attached to the outcome as much as they are the process.


Who are these sessions not for?

-those who fear the unknown

-those who are very much concerned about their appearance in images (again, we shoot for interest and art - not necessarily for beauty standards)

-those who don’t like being creative

-those who are more concerned about looking pretty or sexy, instead of committing to a “character”



#1: Our traditional boudoir sessions are built around what YOU desire and to help you celebrate your amazing self right now. We spend a lot of time during those sessions taking utmost care to help you feel your absolute best and forget all of your worries. During our traditional sessions, YOU are the center focus: your needs and desires. They are centered around celebrating your body and/or sexuality during this time of your life.


Our CREATIVE COLLAB SESSIONS are designed as a team effort and the sole focus is the ART. This means some of the poses may not be traditional, “flattering”, pretty or sexy (oftentimes they are!). Every session includes hair and makeup by a licensed professional stylist and can create the looks I (or we) are going for. Creative Collab sessions are perfect for the ladies and men that want to add a sense of high-fashion, urban street fashion, or lifestyle images to their life. These go far above your traditional portrait sessions. These are fully styled sessions that go for an overall look/vibe or storyline. These are not "smile at the camera and pose nicely" portrait sessions. They are closely related to a traditional high-fashion shoot.

#2: Our traditional boudoir sessions are 4-5 hours long and usually our clients bring wardrobe that is synonymous with a boudoir session. With our CREATIVE COLLAB SESSIONS, the shoot will be about 3-5 hours total (with hair and makeup taking up to 90 minutes)  and the wardrobe can vary greatly. We will, of course, discuss this during our planning call. We do offer wardrobe rentals from select high-end designers to help pull your styled look together which will be discussed during your planning session.


While I will provide direction for posing and “acting” as I do in my traditional sessions,  the biggest advice I give my creative muses is that if you can get out of your own way and forget the idea that you HAVE TO look “sexy” or “pretty” in every photo, then you will be absolutely fine. If you are uncomfortable with the idea that you have to let go fully and trust me, then the traditional session may be a better route for you.

We are offering two different package options below.
-Two wardrobe changes
- Professional hair and makeup
-Up to 2-hour shoot with expert posing
-10 high-resolution digital images 
$795 | $556 
3 payments + tax
Down payment to secure date: $199
-Four wardrobe changes 
- Professional hair and makeup
-Up to 3-hour shoot with expert posing
- One on-location outdoor spot
- 8x10 Art Book (up to 30 images)
-Corresponding digital files 
$1695 | $1279
3 payments + tax
Down payment to secure date: $457

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