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Exclusive Bonus Sets Guide

What are Bonus Sets?

Bonus Sets are our exclusive session add ons! They are our way of setting your session apart from the rest by adding something totally unique to it. All of our Bonus Sets are specially curated for our studio space and you won't find anything else like them! We do not offer these bonus sets A La Carte. You gain access to our Bonus Sets by Pre Purchasing any of our Goddess Collections.
All clients must have their Goddess Collection picked out within 2 weeks of booking their photoshoot. From there, we require your Bonsu Set selections at least 6 weeks before your photoshoot. 

We offer a variety of Bonus Set options to choose from so that you can fully customize your shoot with us, and if you are a repeat client you can have more options to diversify each of your sessions with us. These Bonus Sets are going to make your experience even more luxurious and have your girlfriends clamoring to know where you got such kickass art done. 
Below are some of our most popular sets. A complete list of available Bonus Sets is featured in our Dream Shoot Planner.

BT 74.jpg
BT 47.jpg

Body Chains Set

We have a variety of options and different types of chains, in silver, gold, and rose gold. This is an excellent way to add some texture into your session! 

BT 01.jpg

Couture Robes & Gowns Set

The Boujie-ist set around, we carry several couture robes and gowns that can add that fine art look to any session. Hello, Vogue!


Outdoor or Beach Set

Want to take your session outside? We love outdoor sessions! These sessions can be done on the beach or at our private 5-acre tree covered property in New Smyrna Beach. Selecting this set means you will get both indoor and outdoor shots.

KATE 75.jpg

Faux Shower Set

You won't actually get wet in our Faux Shower Set (unless you want to!) but that doesn't mean the images won't be just as steamy. We can spray water mixed with glycerine on your chest/neck to create those perfect water droplets.

47 edit 1.jpg

Honey Birdette BDSM Set

Do whips and chains excite you?

Britney Spears says, "I'm a slave for you!"

We have collars, blindfolds, whips, riding-crops, spreader bars, and cuffs for our Bondage Set.

We feature products from Honey Birdette, and Adam & Eve.

50 Shades, anyone???


Legacy Headshot Set

Bring in Business or Casual attire and we will take Head Shots for you after hair and makeup are complete! These are perfect for social media, a resume, or business cards. You will receive 2 high-resolution digital files with full usage and printing rights. 
We shoot these to make them look strong and timeless.

RENEE 02.jpg

Sultry Wet Tank Set

This set is super sultry and fun, we spray down your chest with a white tank that we provide to make it sheer and we can even cut it up so you can do a slow rip down the middle to create a fierce GIF!

BT 59.jpg
BY THE SEA 90.jpg

Smoke Bombs Set

These colorful smoke bombs make for some truly epic shots. We offer several different colors based on availability. This bonus set requires at least 6 weeks' notice. The shot to the left features our Body Chains, Festival Rhinestones & Body Glitter Set,  and Smoke Bombs set.

Blacklight & Bodypaint

Kick things up a notch with brilliant black light and color. We save this sultry set for last cause the paint is messy fun.

KATE JAN 41.jpg
EDIT 01.jpg

Festival Rhinestones
& Body Glitter Set

Our most popular set with the ladies is our festival rhinestones and body glitter set. After we are done with your non-glittered outfits, we jump right into the rhinestones and body glitter. 

BY THE SEA 129.jpg
BT 25.jpg

Berries & Cream

What’s more sultry than whipped cream and berries? Not much but champagne - also a bonus set option!

14 EDIT 1.jpg

Sultry Fishnets Set

Ge those sultry fishnet shots with this bonus set. You get to keep the fishnets too!

E12 EDIT 1.jpg
BT 02 EDIT .jpg

Neon Lights Set

Go bold with bright, beautiful colors and give your collection a punch of va-va-voom. we include neon LED lights and actual neon signs with this eye-popping one!

420 Canna Set

One of our most requested exclusive bonus sets features our Canna Friendly faves. We also offer an optional canna leaf bodysuit that you get to keep. Don't worry, we won't get you blitzed and make you look red-eyed; we use CBD oils to create those sultry smoke shots :)


Masquerade Masks Set

Bring out your inner 50 Shades with some of our sexy masquerade masks. Bring one of your favorite gowns or lingerie (or use our Couture Robes & Gowns Set!) to pull the look together seamlessly.

In The Sheets

Classic in the best way, show off your form with no distractions. We offer several solid-colored satin sheets to create these sensual shots. Shoot implied nude or in your birthday suit, the choice is yours!

KATE JAN 15 EDIT 1.jpg

Heavenly Clouds Set

Transport yourself to a whole new level with these heavenly shots. Opposite from our traditional dark/moody editing style, this Heavenly Cloud Set will add a pop of light that truly captures your aura. Plus have fun tossing the clouds around like little poufs for those candid shots. We create the backdrop for each client at least 1 week before their shoot so every cloud set is different!

KELLY JAN 11.jpg

Bodypaint Milkbath Set

Tap into your inner Ariana Grande with this truly gorgeous set. Once we're done with your regular looks, we jump into bodypaint. Once you're done, it's time to hop into the milkbath set for some truly sultry and creative shots. 

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