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Imagine Yourself: being pampered… having your hair and makeup done… awakening your inner goddess… being posed all the way down to your fingertips… dancing across the room with total abandon…

There's a reason you are on this page, you want to do this...'ve thought about it for a whileyet you've held back...


BUT there's never been a better time than nowbecause we've never had a photo shoot deal this good!


Feeling completely comfortable in your own skin just as you are right now is entirely possible.

Creating a work of art, a powerful image, that helps you get back into that headspace every time you look at it is our goal here.

If you've tried taking a jaw-dropping image of yourself in the past and it left you feeling a little lackluster, that was just because you were in the hands of an inexperienced photographer or trying to selfie & epically me, I've been there.

It's okay if booking this scares you a little, most of our clients are nervous.

But thousands of former ecstatic clients prove that you just need to take a leap of faith.

We believe in your beauty. And we believe in our expertise and our magic.
Take a look at some of our recent sessions below!


All of our packages included hair and makeup. How often in life do we get a chance to totally glam up like all those celebs in magazines!? Probably rarely. This is a part of the relaxing and fun experience. PLUS, it will give you a chance to ease your nerves. Whether you want a natural look or a bombshell look, our artists are the best in the industry and you are in good hands.  


While we always suggest bringing a few things you love, don't worry, we have super cute items from one-pieces to jean jackets and everything in between. We will discuss wardrobe ideas during your pre-shoot meeting when we link up after you've booked your session date. We will answer any and all questions you have regarding wardrobe and where to find pieces that make you feel fierce and sultry.



No need to worry about how to pose or what fluid movements to do cause we've got all of that covered for you! We will coach you throughout the entire session showing you how to do the poses and movements to get those epic shots. Once we show you the pose, we will coach you into the pose and start snapping all of those amazing shots.


Every session includes a private cinematic reveal and ordering session at our Flagler Beach office where you will pick out only the images you absolutely love for your Goddess Collection. From there we will create the final artwork for production. 



Black Friday Before

Black Friday Sale

A boudoir session is going to be the easiest decision you make for yourself this season!

Yes, its super scary to decide to do something BIG, like a boudoir session, for yourself....but it's completely freeing.

You spend your days (and nights) taking care of everyone else. You sacrifice your own happiness, self-care, hot showers, for your family, don’t you. Yes? Its YOUR turn… and its so overdue!

The team is so excited to meet you, shoot with you, and help you realize the beauty that has always existed inside and outside of you.

This year we are launching our sale on November 20th BUT we are soooo excited about our 2021 sessions that we decided to drop the booking link for our extra prepared fierce goddesses looking to snag up their 2021 spot BEFORE everyone else has a chance. AND we are gifting you 5 extra images with your Goddess Collection purchase...we won't be offering this with our regular Black Friday sale. 

On October 6th (for 24 hrs only!)  you can book your

2022 Boudoir or Beauty photoshoot for 

$199 (+tax), enjoy up to 20% off your Goddess Collection & receive 5 extra images in your Goddess Collection!!





What's Included

- Pre-shoot meeting to go over your hair/makeup, wardrobe, the vibe of your images

- Professional hair and makeup with magnetic lashes (you keep them!) ($200 value)
- Professional photoshoot with expert posing guidance ($500 value)

- Access to our client closet and accessories

- Access to up to 4 bonus sets (take a look at the different sets we have to offer!)
- Private Cinematic Reveal and Ordering Session 1-2 weeks after your session

- Receive 5 extra images with your Goddess Collection - for VIPs only!

- Enjoy 20% off all Goddess Collections when you pre-purchase your collection within 30 days of scheduling your session date (Payment plans available and HIGHLY encouraged)



You might be wondering....

Q. What are these "bonus sets" you speak of?

A. We have two bonus set tiers; Premium and Elite. These sets allow us to really customize your session for a truly unique experience. Our Elite Bonuses include your choice of 

Festival Rhinestone & Body Glitter Set, Future Couple's Boudoir Session, Smoke Bombs & Outdoor Set, Blacklight & Bodypaint Set, Luxury Gown or Robe Set, Honey Birdette Lingerie, Artificial Shower Set, Neon Lights Set, and Bondage Set. Our Premium Bonuses include your choice of In The Sheets Implied Nude Set, Whipped Cream & Cherries Set, Tiaras & Champagne Set, Legacy Head Shot Series, Wet Tank Top Set, Sultry Fishnets Set, Body Chains Set, Masquerade Set, and Silhouette Set.

Q. Do you ever offer weekend session times?

A. Weekend sessions are reserved for our "Boudie Parties" with groups of friends, 3-5 people max. If you'd like to schedule a "Boudie Party" please email us directly at for details and available packages. Packages start at $650/person & include the session, hair/makeup, and products/images.

Q. What dates does this offer apply to?

All available 2021 dates.  We schedule 8 sessions per month with only 2 available in December 2021. We often book out at least 8 months in advance for our Black Friday Sale so please plan accordingly. Once a month is fully booked, a waitlist for that month will be started. Only those on the waitlist will be contacted when we have last-minute cancellations and reschedules. We highly encourage anyone looking to gift images to someone to schedule their session at least 8-10 weeks before you need products in hand. At this time, we only shoot on Mondays and Saturdays. 

Q. Is the Boudoir Session Fee refundable?

A. Unfortunately, no. But if you have something come up where you know you will need to reschedule within 14 days of your session you are allowed one reschedule of the appointment. 

Q. Does the $199 retainer cover any images or prints?

No. The fee covers the shoot itself, stylist, and time to edit the images. Complete pricing and payment info will be sent after you have secured your session date. You will have the opportunity to pre-purchase your Goddess Collection and take 20% off your collection. You may set up a Payment Plan for the balance up to 12 months BEFORE your session date. All balances are due at least 30 days before your session. Enjoy 20% off your Goddess Collection should you decide to purchase and pay in full at least 30 days before your scheduled session date.
If you decide to forgo purchasing a collection BEFORE your session date, we require a nonrefundable $1000 artwork retainer that will be applied to your artwork purchase during your Reveal and Ordering Session. We do NOT offer post-session payment plans unless you opt for PayPal Credit or place the balance on a major credit card. 

Q. Do you offer digital-only products?

Yes & No. It is my personal belief that art is meant to be cherished, appreciated, and admired in person. Plus, there is no guarantee that digital images will last forever if the given technology becomes obsolete (and it will). Our collections include the corresponding digital image depending on the collection you choose (ie. 15 images, 30 images, 40 images or all) along with physical products and a generous print credit. If you decide you don't want any physical products & only want the digitals, the price remains the same.

If you are an OnlyFans model, cam model, sex worker, or boss babe needing professional images for an ongoing basis, please email us directly to discuss our digital-only subscription plans at We offer both personal use and commercial use subscriptions from 3-12 months. 

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer Boudie Bank which is an in-house PRE-SESSION payment plan option. After securing your session date you will receive our full collection and pricing menu. You may place any artwork purchase on a pre-session payment plan up to 12 months before your session. PayPal Credit must be applied for BEFORE your session date. 

We do not offer any post-session payment plans unless you opt to use a Credit Card or Paypal Credit. In this case, Southern Charm Creative is paid in full and you pay off the creditor over time. 

Q. When will I see your collections and pricing?

Once you have paid your session retainer, you will receive a Dream Shoot Planner and our full Goddess Collection and Pricing Guide. You will also receive a separate email inviting you to schedule a call to discuss any payment plans or pre-session purchases you'd like to set up. Our 2021 Goddess Collections start at $3800 before any discounts or taxes are applied. The $199 retainer will be deducted from your Goddess Collection. 




Check out a behind the scenes look at one of our Goddess By The Sea sessions!

Sound like a dream?!

To secure your session date, simply choose your date from the calendar below and fill out the intake form.

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